Mike Selbach



Mike Selbach      

Mike Selbach’s primary medium is wood.

Selbach creates reliefs in bronze, wood, paper and clay. Selbach explores issues related to process and attempts to address the quandary, ‘Is the hand of the artist a first order issue or just a device to an end’. Selbach strongly believes that the artist’s hand is essential.

Woodcuts have become a primary form of expression for Selbach. Woodcuts are a special case of very low relief. His woodcuts are strongly influenced by Gustave Baumann and German Expressionists of the Die Brucke group – Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Fritz Bleyl, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Emil Nolde and Otto Mueller. His woodcuts are printed on 100% cotton archival paper with archival inks on a 110 year old cast iron POCO no. 2 proof press. Selbach is currently building a portable woodcut press for onsite projects.

Selbach received a BFA at the University of California Santa Cruz and and a BEEE at City College, City University of New York.Selbach lives and works in metro New York.